Prayer to Bush

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DrawDown, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Oh save us, Mighty Bush!

    Iran, Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip - all those people are EVIL. All the militants of Iraq and Afghanistan are WICKED.

    Destroy them. Destroy them all with Thy Mighty Hand and by Thy Wisdom, Thy Power and Thy Military!

    Deliver us from high Oil Prices by destroying all the Evil people in those lands.

    Send, oh send back Oil to under $35bbl, and gas prices to under $1.25/gal, for we Thy people PERISH, oh Mighty Bush unless Thou savest us from ruin due to gas!

    Save Israel - ALL the Holy Jews, Thy people.

    And save the USA, oh Mighty Bush, for Thou art Great, and ALL Power belongs unto Thee.

    We are humbled in Thy Mighty and Awesome Presence.

    For Thine is the Kingdom and the Glory.


  2. StreamlineTrade

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    Herr Bush is the anti-christ. I think your prayer will fall on deaf ears.
  3. Somebody actually POSTED on this thread??

    This world is in BIG trouble....

  4. Master Bush guide us.
    Master Bush teach us.
    Master Bush protect us.
    In your light we thrive.
    In your mercy we are sheltered.
    In your wisdom we are humbled.
    We live only to serve.
    Our lives are yours.
  5. Maybe I should change this thread to, "Prayers to Bush."