Pray for the families of our lost astronauts

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    They are all heroes in my short book.

    It looks like the the debris during launch struck the left wing...

    nitro :(
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  2. Could an educated, heroic, brilliant & courageous woman possibly be of the Allah-Worhipping persuasion???

    <b>Of course not!</B>

    Were she a Muslim, her illiterate ass would be too busy getting beaten by her husband (Just like the Koran tells him to do.), amputating her daughter's clitoris, wiping her ass with her bare left hand, and raising her 12 children to be fine young terrorists, as is the norm in her society.

    <i> Chawla is a Hindu and a fourth-generation vegetarian. She chose her menu from NASA’s large variety of food choices, with many beans and rice selections. </i>
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  4. Gee, Hank...

    Don't like Arabs much?
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  5. Only when they're the deadly Muslim variety. You'll feel the same way once you've experienced the nuclear terrorism they have in store for us.
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    The more I read about this Israeli guy the more I'm astounded at their military prowess. I mean these guys flew over enemy territory in tight formation to imitate the signature of an airline carrier. They were carrying extra fuel and a huge payload so they knew that they could not engage in a dogfight.

    They went...fulfilled the mission (which the Iranians had botched earlier)...and came back without a scratch!

    And the astronaut killed was the youngest of the bunch in the group at that time!!

    Man o man! That is some cojones!!

    I mean they knew very well what would happen if they were shot down over Saudi Arabia or over Iraq !!

    Major cojones!

    I salute the guy and wish his family finds comfort at this tragic time.
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  8. Vinod Patel, leader of Houston’s Hindu community, said: “I would use his hook to attach him to the next shuttle and blast him into space.”
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