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  1. Got two kilos of primo frozen cooked prawns for the xmas (it could be argued, cooked frozen isnt exactly primo, but thats what i got) , so what to do with them?

    Garlic butter is kinda boring, does beer batter work with cooked prawns? I thought that was for fresh ones.

    Already have a great main, but i cant use all of them for that.
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  3. Try making coconut shrimps!

  4. Prawn and Avocado Salad

  5. Hehe, well, he claims she started it-and he was maried to denise richards, he has my vote.

    Any awesome starter dishes, beyond "prawn with gourmet cheese and herbs/finely shaved shallots on a cracker"


    Coconut shrimp, whats that about?Just heat em up in coconut milk/cream? Have cocunut in damn near every curry around here, hmm, honey and coconut, tiniest dash of soy in the pan (remember these are alread cooked) could work quite well, especially with a squidge of lemon juice.

    No, I dont know the exact measurement of a "squidge" of lemon juice, but I doubt anyone really does, either.

  6. That looks like the real deal. Mmm.
    Salads are obvious with cooked prawns, but sometimes not THAT obvious.

    The main is al dente penne, added to lightly fried tomatos, onions, garlic, with fresh coriander/parsley/possibly sorrel, the base/sauce likely being just greek style yoghurt/sour cream/or just cream/milk, fresh mushrooms and obviously, Prawns by the boatload.

    Could I work pistachios in there? Have a tonne of pistachios, likely a touch on the old side, just never tried them in a dish like that.
  7. If they are already cooked, I don't think my suggestion of coconut shrimp would work, since you would have to fry them.

    In case you are curious of how it look like, here is a pic:

  8. I don't know. Pistachios does taste good, but it's a bit hard and crunchy. Could be mistaken for shell? I would prefer to eat shrimps with foods that have a softer texture, unless I am having fried shrimps.
  9. Well, the pistachios would be shelled, for a start.......rather like a mollusc, as it happens, nobody in there right mind is going to just pick up a mussel and chomp through it.
  10. Banjo


    I like that pistachio thought. Grind them up into a powder with a coffee bean grinder or pepper grinder and sprinkle. We do that with walnuts and an elec pepper grinder for use on salads.
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