Prague has been rated best city to live in a new study

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  1. Does anyone know how an active trader is taxed in the Czech Republic?

    Is it 15%?
    Or 15% + 7% solidarity tax?
    Or 15% + 7% solidarity tax + X% social contributions?

  2. You mean in central / Eastern Europe. Please qualify your sources.

    It all depends on your source

    Prague isn't even on this list
  3. Czech has some of the most beautiful women on earth (right after you get their teeth fixed).
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  5. I didn't make it up. Hey I've been the Zurich, if you don't mind paying $15 for bud lite and 1.6 million swiss franc, it's a great city. Vancouver, median home price is $1.58 million, bud lite $11 can. I guess if you're a multi millionaire after dropping 1.6 million on your little house, they are great places to live.
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    There is really no such a thing as best city, movie, book or anything. But specially with living arrangements, people's needs are so different that one size can not fit all. If I like the ocean, well last time I checked Prague doesn't have one.

    And if you can afford it, why don't you live in 2-3 different places? The best place to live is where you can afford AND enjoy your life.
  7. agree - don't count pennies - enjoy life. Prague is a great city. Some great restaurants, beautiful city, nice people and easy access to the rest of Europe. And if you like beer - the best beer in the world ! To top it off, eclectic range of music from awesome rock and jazz clubs to the Rudolfinum for classical where the acoustics are arguably the best in the world.
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    My fiance is Czech and I have been there many times. Prague is cool but I especially like going to where she is from in Moravia. We stay with her cousins in a "village" of a few thousand people. Such a great time and the prices drop considerably outside of Prague.
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    these 'best of' are just travel agents and real estate agents trying to part you with your money.... agreed to aboves, no such thing as 'best'...

    you have money, anywhere is good... you don't have money, central america/southeast asia is where you can buy shit for cheap.
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    Yes there are other studies about the favourite cities to live for expats, i might quote one once I get to a computer, results are different, with Asian cities faring much better (not Mainland Chinese cities though). Cost of living seem more important in those "favourite cities"" ranking. Last I checked Zurich offered the highest purchasing power to its residents along Sydney, so high cost of living is well compensated by high income. I used to live there and it is not hard to guess it offers one of the best qualities of life worldwide- along more than decent opportunities for its residents, including good social welfare
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