Praetorian2 How about an update?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by easyrider, Mar 1, 2002.

  1. I see MM is at 1.10 today. Are you still in?:)
  2. I sold all today. Made a lousy 11k. Stock just didn't seem to have juice today.
  3. I notice that the other thread is closed, so I'll add to it here rather than post there. It didn't make it to hod today. I started to sell at around noon and I picked up the pace of my selling later in the day. I didn't like how there weren't many buyers chasing. Who knows really. I just don't like to hold stuff over weekends. I have a virgin in the volcano policy. At the end of every week on friday, I sacrifice one virgin. This necessitates that I sell one position of about the 10 that I probably have open. I like this policy. It forces me to make the hard choices and sell the position that I believe in least. In this case, mm was that position. It keeps me more liquid. I didn't like having 65k or so tied up in something that is unmarginable. It makes things much harder for me to loose like 300k in intraday liquidity. Good luck to anyone still long though.