pr€dator introduces himself

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pr€dator, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. To whom it may concern:

    I am a member of this board since 1999.

    Since I am about to take my trading on a professional level from next week on, I have decided to leave my old nick behind and start with a new persona, since I consider myself an "Elite Trader" from now on.

    I am trading the Dow 30, S&P 100 as well as Nasdaq 100 from Europe.

    I plan on keeping a trading schedule including charts and explanations, and if anyone here is interested in participating, send me a PM and I will consider doing it publicly or in a closed circle.

    I am 29 years now, and have been working hard on my success for nearly 10 years now. I have found my place in the food chains, and if someone is striving to find his/her own, let me know. Though there is not enough money out there for everyone, it will come to those that strive to become a better person.

    pr€dator out.