Practical Joke Idea

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by runningman, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. I need a good practical joke idea for someone at work. I'd like something mean spirited because I really don't like the guy. Any Ideas?
  2. Look up porn when he isn't at his desk and get him in trouble for it.
  3. I got into it with a jerk once who was a new hire. As a joke he poured a large container of salt in my desk drawers.

    A bunch of us played hearts at lunch, including him. So the next day, I asked the secretary to call him while we were playing cards. He took the phone call and while this was happening, I stuffed a plastic fishing worm in his sandwich. (They were brand new at the time and he had never seen one!).

    He sat back down and started eating his sandwich, worm and all. Then he realized that something was wrong and spit out a mouthful of worm and sandwich, into the garbage can.

    When he saw what it was, he gave a loud grown and actually turned pale. Then he took a window pole and began beating it to "death".

    After that I never ever had any trouble with him and he could never live it down because there were a lot of guys in the room, who were laughing big time.

    Lets hope this never happens to you.:D
  4. Mean spirited?
    You know those chocolate flavour laxatives? dissolved in a nice choci cocoa......maybe in a mocha coffee........

    You see dumb and dumber? Its like that