PPT team is for real.. BUSH..

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  1. First it was Ben bail out two weeks ago and now this

    this is why there will never be another bear market or correction -ever again and why you should just go long. Don't fight the trend.
  2. sprstpd


    I cannot believe this crap. Here's your flaming pile of poo America!
  3. No skin off my back. Why care? Ain't no problem for the govt to spend money to study bugs, what's wrong with helping the math impaired?
  4. Nothing like BIG GOVERNMENT! Any real Republican should be very very upset with George "Free Markets" Bush over this.
  5. Because the rest of us who are intelligent and protect ourselves financially by making smart decisions have to foot the bills for the jackasses and idiots.

    That's what's wrong with it.
  6. I have a few stocks that went down a little, where do I go for my government refund?
  7. Sue, that is simple not how our free market system works.
  8. I don't want that boarded up house on my block. Do you?
  9. Opportunities a thing of the past. Were are the opportunities? why can't the dammm fed and the government stay out of the fucking markets, these are not free markets.
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