PPT rally failed, this could get bloody

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  1. It was 3 o'clock. I just placed my buy order to take advantage of the usual 3pm pump by the PPT. I had to sell early as the rally has failed. Tomorrow will be. Bloody!
  2. -300 here we come
  3. What happened!All of the Fund Managers, on CNBC said we hit bottom and we should start buying because yesterday signaled a turn around.There still talking about a "Bottom as I write.
  4. I see huge volume on the very end sell off.
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    I think the DOW will come back down below 12k very soon, I think 11700-11900 is a sure bet again this time around, the problem this time around is I believe the federal reserve is done cutting rates. I think the next time the markets are on edge of 52 week lows there will be no one to save the markets with rate cuts or injections to provide more liquidity as they have been doing the last 3 times the markets have came close to new lows. This time we break 11750 area I think 11500 is coming without question, I would get bullish under 11250 and get EXTREMELY bullish under 10750....

    there is no bottom yet, the fools on television yesterday reminded me of the talking head that said we were going to have a melt up into the end of 2007.

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    Cramer sez:

    BUY! BUY! BUY!

    Close your eyes and buy the dips. Last chance. Big rally just ahead. No stops required.
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    funny i have been watching bloomberg all day and no irrational exhuberance because they dont have any market gurus popping up...I think cnbc actually charges gurus to appear on tv...makes sense as its like a paid commercial...not a good one but these fools still get exposure to shill their company...has anybody ever investigated this?How does cnbc go about inviting guest on their shows?We all know cramer is a fucking fraud of the highest level.
  8. Is this why you held your DXD for a piddly 1% gain earlier today?


  9. It used to be about contacts and getting content. Me and my trading partner had a slot on both CNBC and Bloomberg (he did both as he was better looking) the CNBC slot was an early morning slot in the UK where he talked about a few currenices and futures we got a lot of interest from all over the world though not a lot of investors. My mate knew people at the network thats how we got a slot but back in the early 2000's they used to struggle to find people
  10. What if it goes to 8000 after? You get even more bullish? What if it goes to 6000 thereafter? Take a mortgage and borrow extra money to get even more bullish?
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