PPT playing with currencies now

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  1. For all the idiots who don't think the PPT is playing the markets...I bring you this plumb from the New York Fed....read the last bullet for yourself...

    "to pay amounts due under currency hedging transactions that the LLC may choose to enter into from time to time, to the extent that the counterparty to the hedge is in default."

    Here ya' go -> http://www.newyorkfed.org/markets/aclf_terms.html

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    There is no such thing as a PPT. Thank you for your time.:)
  3. Taxinomilogical only..."President's Working Group" = PPT (aka Plunge Protection Team) Technically, the New York Fed reports to the "Federal Reserve"...which is part of the PPT. Plain and simple the PPT is playing the currencies. This does not say that the PPT is looking at the fundamentals of the currency at hand and then making purchases or selling. As there is a desired timeframe for the Fed to be payed back, these are definitely going to be "volatility" trades. God only knows what positions they will take (no transparency here) and what happens to the poor dolt who was opposite the PPT? Well for a US citizen, the gov't took their money (by supporting the PPT) and used it against them!

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to elaborate ;-)

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    "To the extent the counter party to the hedge is in default?" Makes no sense whatsoever. This kind of lawyer speak is to cover up something more sinister going on. I wouldn't be surprised if they are doing volatility trades. Maybe even martingale for free money. This would be an easy way for them to acquire a billion here a billion there without having to print it. Meaning they wouldn't have to report in M2 or whatever and they could just give it to banker friends. The US government is becoming more corrupt by the day.
  5. they've done blown the index futures budget with all those losing trades on ES & YM. Not even the PPT can win long term against Mr. Market. But they could easily be gaming the Forex markets for some free $$$ at the expense of their counterparties.
  6. forex simply cannot be controlled over the long haul. 3 billion gets absorbed in a matter of seconds....!!!!!
  7. Not controlled, but can it be manipulated long enough to make a quick buck? Yes.
  8. I don't know which is worse? :confused:

    They can control the markets - in which case the Fed is screwing over the traders.....or
    They can't control the markets - in which case they are gambling with the taxpayers' money!
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    Thank your for your time. :)