PPT playing, crash soon

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  1. From what I can tell, the only thing propping up the markets is the PPT. The last two days have been NOTHING, but the PPT propping up the markets. Anybody with half of a brain and access to level two data to watch ESU8 can see the large props being made to said. I believe the only thing that can come of these morons (PPT) altering the market is a market crash. My only question is, "When?" What great market news could have added 440 points to the Dow in the last two days - Merrill squandering billions? Gee, maybe it was those "fabulous" Case Shiller numbers showing the run in housing...oh, wait, the housing numbers dropped precipitously...nevermind...
  2. How about when the market goes down on good news, thats ok right?
  3. Ok, you tell me when the market dropped over 4% (440 points) on GOOD news and we can talk...
  4. Your PPT theory is hogwash and your seeing things on L2. Nothing is that transparent.
  5. ETF - what things? What do you think I am seeing that makes me believe the PPT is dominating the market AND that you disagree with my interpretation of such "events"?
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    This is a short covering rally. There were many shorts caught on the wrong side of the market and had to cover on Tuesday, with some small spec buying today ahead of the economic reports. We will begin moving down once again sometime soon.
  7. No, this was different...I have watched this in the past...maybe a few hours at a time...but, these last few days have been consistent...did anybody else see this besides me? If everybody here remains silent...well, I may have to bring out some "different" tools tomorrow - when I see the "thing" occurring...like, if I don't see several hundred points down...then I will most likely see what I have seen lately...
  8. You have watched for a couple of days and now you are an expert!! Give me a break I have been watching these markets for over 15 yrs (maybe I'm a slow learner?) and I can tell you the recent movements have NOTHING to do with the fictional PPT. Big players throw size around I have lifted 500-1000 clips in the big S&P for clients even when it was $500 a point (those were the days)
  9. When do you expect to start buying? When you see on print, in NY Times, on CNN, etc that the good times are rolling again?

    Um.. this is the market. By the time you see good news coming out left and right, you're probably six months to a year behind.

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    it is the PPT !!! thats it! no more arguing ! this market is so sick. short covering ? you know whats causing the short covering ? THE PPT ! my cousin was a broker on the old merc floor and the old traders knew when the fed was buying the equities. i suppose some of you genius's think merrill's sale is real too??? don't you ?? LETS GET OUR SHIT TOGETHER ! the FED. and GOV. are so desperate to keep this market afloat they'll do anything and have'nt we seen it . covered bonds ?? covered TURDS NEXT???

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