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  1. Bernanke and Paulson are on CNBC again and the idiotic congressman are referring to them as Working Group on Financial Markets. Also, how is the markets only down slightly with FRE, FMN and LEH getting nuked.
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    dont forget GM and WB
  3. When Maxine Waters came on, I made a mistake and turned the sound up.
  4. WoW. Bernake is nervous! He can barely speak!
  5. Fric and Frac being on my TV so much lately is starting to worry me.
  6. Something about the pair of them appearing before congress, and asking for / promoting additional powers for the Fed, etc, in 'regulating' the financial markets, seems somehow eerily similar to John Merriwether, after the collapse and failure of LTCM, seeking new investors...

    In short, I think these guys policies are in total or near collapse, and yet they are asking for 'increases' in their spending limits / margin...wonderful.

    What the hey, we give 'em more rope, no doubt they will hang 'US' with it.
  7. What's with all the commercials? They use to run these meetings commercial free now there's one every 5 minutes.
  8. True. They want more bureaucrats to prop up their buddies on the street.

  9. LMAO!

    Someone needs to post video of Ron Paul ripping Paulson and Bernanke a new one on their alleged 'Strong Dollar Policy.'

    I loved it when Ron Paul told the committee that there is a simple alternative to having a federal reserve - have none!

    It was great to see the truth of his statements and calling Paulson out on his bullshit rattle Paulson so much.

    If only we had a Congress full of Ron Pauls.
  10. For real. CNBC ratings must be in the dumps for them to load such relevant testimony with boatloads of commercials. I think fewer people are tuning in as their portfolios shrink. For most long-term holders, no news is good news. This is bad news for CNBC and the rest of us who must endure the commercial onslaught.
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