PPT keeping YM above 11,140

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MrDODGE, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Only down 250 points after the announcement of Lehman going bankrupt, BofA being forced to buy Merrill, and AIG not being able to secure funding without the Fed.

    What a joke....

    - New Century
    - Countrywide
    - Bear Stearns
    - Indymac
    - Freddie Mac
    - Fannie Mae
    - Lehman Brothers
    - Merrill Lynch
    - AIG?
    - Washington Mutual?
    - FDIC?
    - General Motors?
    - Ford?
    - ............
  2. I believe you missed the thread I had started regarding my neighborhood corner store.. majeeb apoo filing for chapt 11 in hopes of a paulson bailout.
  3. I'll have to start "Which shitty financial compny will go bankrupt next? Part IV"
  4. rickf


    Actually is there a 'Death List' of firms like the OP started that shows the companies that have either died, been taken over/saved, or have had sizable percentages of their market caps disappear during this crisis?

    IE, an Honor Roll of Wall Street Idiocy 2007-'08?

    Would be an interesting and sad list of names, to be sure....the best and brightest. Yeah, right.
  5. I'm looking to make my financial status this next bull market - and leave the Fed and Wall Street for a safer country/place to park my money.

    Government will NOT make the necessary reform to stop these greedy bastards from bring down the global financial system - - the next time.