PPT is real.

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  1. Says so right here in Bloomberg today.
  2. This will be my last thread and post here. I just don't see a green market today, I won't returning to this site, it has clearly been a distraction, signing off.

  3. Good bye and enjoy the good life. Take care.
  4. Sobieski


    Yeah take care!
  5. LT701


    PPT was definately in the house yesterday afternoon, and they werent too subtle about it
  6. Thisis the second time mymini has 'quit'. He'll be back. Anyway, best luck with whatever you do.
  7. it has been a distraction? almost 4000 times you got "distracted"? Yikes, too funny.
  8. does anyone miss him posting?
  9. lol thank god it's out. finally we can put the issue to rest with all the ppl who've cried nutjob about its existence in the past
  10. This is old news.

    One of the WH press secretaries mentioned them in the late 90s.
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