PPT has their finger on the trigger today; massive rally?

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  1. 7,000 could be breached, however we have a legendary monetary tool in this economic called the PPT. Today is looking kinda bad. I would've created a thread called Black Friday had it not been for the documented proof of the PPT intervening in the free markets when things are looking grim. Maybe 7100 on YM is a buy!
  2. aren't you forgetting about tacgnol? seems that the PPT has let things get out of hand lately and tacgnol is running the show now.
  3. TACGNOL??? WHAT or who is that???
  4. PPT is bankrupt :D
  5. Maybe, but what about the Chinese PPT to the rescue?
  6. P lanned

    P overty

    T eam

    "Globalist (wealth transfer) Games 2009 - TEAM PPT!" :eek:
  7. How can any governmental entity with a printing press go bankrupt? :cool:
  8. Just WATCH! :eek:

    :D :p :D
  9. Arnie




    PS: That's me on the guitar :D
  10. That is the funniest picture.:D :D :D
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