PPT Exists ! ! !

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gcapman, Jan 5, 2010.

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  2. holy shit who let that slip out of the FED?

    Someone messed up.
  3. More hyperbole and assumptions
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    Greenspan talks about the PPT in his book. There's no question that it exists. The only question is to what extent does it operate.
  5. Is there a Nut in Nutting, or is there Nothing there?

    One would wonder why S&P dropped to 666 and not 999 and why Lehman was killed off if there was a PPT in the first place.
  6. To get rid of competition for Goldman Sachs.
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    personally, i don't care whether it exists or not. to me, the "ppt" is simiar to the infamous "them" for too many traders. by that i mean many traders who lose money blame "them" (whoever "they" are). and the ppt is an all too convenient excuse for traders to latch onto when they are short and lose money.

    another way to look at it is this......when i have a winning ES trade i can consider myself lucky to be on the correct side of "whoever" it is that is moving the market...i don't care who it is.

    if you are a daytrader (especially index traders), you should, imo, not be concerned with "who" is moving the market, or even why they are doing it. the job of a daytrader is to make money, and not to prove something.

    i have seen other traders get locked into a "this rally is a pump job" mindset and then get stubborn with shorts. don't get me wrong here, i go short all the time, but i don't blame anyone else when i lose money, its just my own mistake and lack of luck to be on the wrong side of "them"....whoever "they" are

    having said that, i do believe the ppt exists, however i recc. that an index daytrader never use it as an excuse.
  8. Man do I feel vindicated! It's time to whip that ES bitch back down to the gutter where she belongs.
  9. Duh, even he knew!

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