PPT does it exist?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Free Thinker, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. i hear so many here talking about how the PPT made the market move like they know what they are talking about. now is your chance. this guy is offering 100k to any one that can prove the PPT exists. i think this guy is right. if it existed someone at the big houses would know and the info would get out.

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    Officially known as the "President's Working Group on Financial Markets" created by Executive Order #12631 signed by Reagan March 3, 1988.

    Composed of; Secy. Treasury. Chaiman of the FED, Chairman of the SEC, Chairman of CFTC.

    Source; "Crash Profits" Martin Weiss; pp 133
  3. If it doesn't, it should.
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    Well we know for certain that it does in Japan and there are persistent whispers that it does in Germany.........maybe. My understanding was that "it" was created to deal more with crises in the bond market than the equities markets. Look at Long Term Capital Mgt. who made the decision to bail them out? we heard and saw Greenspan explain it, surely he was in on it. A bond market collapse would be far more devastating than a stock mkt. collapse.
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    I dont have any links nor do i feel like finding one but right after sept 11 didnt the gov pump billions into bonds? I may be wrong since finding proof that it is in the govt's interest to prevent a financial collapse seems to me like proving the sky is blue. granted I do not think action like the ppt occurs at even a fraction that people on this board accuse it.
  6. If it doesn't , it sure looks like it does.
  7. It is called the Plunge Patrol Team. I have seen them come to the Pit and buy with both hands. They buy and buy and buy and vanish with out a trace. Kinda like Market 'Super heroes".