PPT Cometh!

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  1. PPT shall be summed at 3pm:D

    Things are going to ger really bad really soon!

  2. And with that comment I see a bottom forming in the next 3 weeks.
  3. (angst) Please PPT, do SOMETHING I beg you. . .this is terrible and un-American!!


  4. 1225.34 is a .618% fibonacci ratio of the previous leg down.
    I would expect a bounce off this level.

    Actual low today thus far:

  5. The U.S. Government needs to nationalize all private corporations - now!
  6. 10 minutes to go. Hope you're right.
  7. Just remember though, there is a $hitload of stops below this level......inventory grab and short covering rally or BLOWOUT time to sub 1200's for the trading days ahead??? :)
  8. What exactly is 'un-american' about the stock market going down?

    Let's see...

    Gov't has little to zero regulations about loans.

    Banks hand out money to basically anyone.

    For some reason, that plan did not work.

    Now the market is going to weed out all the losers.


    There is nothing MORE AMERICAN than that. Only the strong survive, incl traders.
  9. PPT seems to be running late...

    That's rare for them.
  10. There is NO PPT in action these days bud.....they were done on their last 4 year run by Fall of 2007!

    The only PPT these days is the Globalist actions U.S. economy "Planned Poverty Tank"! :eek:

    GOT IT! :)
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