PPT back?

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    Is the PPT back, this time with Powell's put parlayed against any rash selling decisions rational investors would make on the tariff headlines? Also, most of the gains in S&P from da faang (sounds Chinese btw, how a propos) as y'all know...
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    The PPT can be fun to talk about but from a trading perspective, who cares why it goes up or down....just follow the bouncing ball.
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  3. manonfire


    Did they ever leave? The President's Working Group on Financial Markets can intervene at any time under a broad mandate to maintain investor confidence. One would be naive to believe that this has not been used for years for political purposes. Do you recall Obama telling you just days before the March 9, 2009 low that now was a good time to buy stocks? While he has been quiet on the subject for years even Charles Biderman from Trim Tabs has noted the unusual flows that rallied and supports the market.
  4. Yes. The PPT, in one form or another, is now a permanent fixture.
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  6. what is PPT
  7. destriero


    Plunge Protection Team.
  8. Buy1Sell2


    There is no such thing as a PPT
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    More passive aggressive trolling. Executive order 12631. You probably don’t believe in the moon landing or the holocaust either.
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    There just isn't any such thing as a PPT. It does not exist.---and if it did, it certainly would not be worth worrying about as it would not affect trading decisions.
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