PPT and Black Wednesday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin2, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. It has become apparent that the PPT team has taken full precaution by removing all market safeguards and are fully ready to prop this market up come Black Wednesday (tomorrow).

    There is an ungodly amount of trading in the mini-Dow contracts, no doubt this is the PPT tiring hard to mask tomorrow's potential 1000+ point loss. As we seen with dot bomb, the PPT does not care about Nasdaq stocks, only blue chips. Sell QQQQ, but any one of the dow components. Shit, even GM posted a imaginary profit which was commissioned under the unlimited powers of the PPT over SEC regulations and economics in general.

    Here is a TA chart showing what will happened on Black Wednesday had the PPT not take preventive and retrospective measures.


    It looks eierly like the crash on 1929, this was before the existence of the PPT. Thanks to the PPT, the following chart should materialize.


    You can bank on it!

    And yes, I'm dunk!.
  2. I almost fell off the chair laughing when I saw the second chart. That is hilarious.
    Thanks for lightening up a bad situation.

    Time to go get my beer now.
  3. kin, you gotta get drunk more often.
    Best call I've seen in the last few days.
  4. Man, I was gone yesterday.