PPT alive and kicking risk free buying again

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Vespasian, Jul 15, 2009.

The PPT is still alive and kicking and the market ultimately is rigged

  1. I bought today

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  2. I short into todays prices

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  3. The market is rigged by the PPT and the large houses in the know

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  4. Get a life !

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  1. I would love to put this to a vote !

    How many traders in this forum where either buying or covering shorts today.

    Be HONEST.

    I will start the ball rolling... I took 3 shorts today and lost $300 not back considering.


  2. So far no one in here was buying so WHO was it ?


    Who was buying ?

    I know that 9/10 people on my street (upper middle class) have no disposable income to invest right now so WHO the F is buying ?
  3. I bought some today, some banks(BNS and RY) and KFT.
  4. niteowl8


    I held a position overnight and will be selling it today right before the close!

    Not shorting at this time but maybe after GOOG's earnings..