PPT Active in Dollar Today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by USAtrader, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. I can't be the only one that believes the PPT, et al., is actively selling dollars here in an attempt to support equities.

  2. Really? I am selling USD here...
  3. I didn't address other market participants, which of course there are many, and who are both buying and selling. Just that I believe the PPT is out there this morning attempting to protect equities, using the dollar, or something related to it. Call me a conspiracy theorist.

  4. Sure, you're a conspiracy theorist...
  5. :).

  6. No doubt the Fed has been recently trying to slow the Euro's drop.
  7. Well, funnily enough, the SNB just went back into the mkt to buy EURCHF. Hence EUR bounced, European periphs caught a bid and it seems like Spooz decided to follow.
  8. What about these Italian / Bund, Spain / Bund spreads ? Time to short ? :)
  9. word
  10. Their currency reserves are raising exponentially...UBS currency desk is working overtime...:D
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