PPT action pattern..

Discussion in 'Trading' started by et123, Nov 9, 2007.

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    Does anyone recall PPT going into action on consecutive days?
    According to one guy on FastMoney, Tsy Dept was buying up SP in the Pit yesterday afternoon that started the rally...

    Just wondering if they will take a day off today....
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    If this stuff is true, which seems likely, it really pisses me off. By what authority do they do this? Can members of the government just secretly do what they think is right? Nothing is scarier than someone from the government who thinks that they are such a super-genius that they are certain what the right thing to do is, and that they don't need to tell anybody.
  3. it is true and it usually happens beyween 2 and 3:00 est....
  4. GS some assume GS is a proxie of the Treasury.
  5. Honestly, I would be surprised if GS wasn't. Over the next months keep an eye on which firms end up having perp walks by the justice department and which don't. IMHO that is a big tell of who does or doesn't act as a FED proxy.
  6. Of course its GS there is no question about that, it also includes the other top I-Banks.

    Perp walks? Not sure what you mean, these are planned events in collusion with the government.
  7. nice. for-profit intervention
  8. Would love to see this confirmed on a MSM source.
  9. One bit of advice -- They usually come in late in the day.
  10. If this is all so rigged then why do you plaY?
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