PPI Tomorrow 6-14-07

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  1. Now I wonder if any of these sky high commodity prices will be reflected in this report, the last report was neutral.

    Grains have been on a roll again, metals are still very strong copper hanging tough.

    Energy up near its peak again, so are we going to get a real report, everyone can see these prices. Maybe the fix is in an the market knows it that why we rally today.
  2. to be honest the ppi and cpi dont matter.
  3. Soybeans hitting new highs
  4. Corn breaking out of 2 month base.
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  5. You may be right the fed seems to look the other way.
  6. its not that, the actual reports and figures that come out don't matter, the reports are just emotional events/catalysts that the institutions use to rape the masses.

    the emotional fuel from a significant report exposes the markets underlying weakness and strengths.
  7. Of course it matters. The numbers may not have direct impact the moment they are released. But if the inflation pressure keeping building it will eventually show up in the market. The instituional investors are not gods, they can't always manipulate the market as they wish.
  8. Too much analyzing; not enough money making
  9. The consumer has staying power so far, May sales were up huge. "Inflation" whats that? The consumer keeps on ticking like the energizer bunny.....

    So let the GOOD TIMES ROLL BABY.....

    Nothing can stop us now...SPEND SPEND SPEND with negitive savings and huge personal debt....SPEND SPEND SPEND...

  10. And I'm BEARISH AS HELL...just still hybernating for a few more quarters.........Let Goldi-Locks (consumers) get comfortable....

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