PPI & CPI For May= Benign

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  1. These numbers come out tomorrow June 12th & CPI 13th. I am confident the CPI will come in benign, this will temporally relieve the inflation fears. PPI I just cant say.
  2. Get ready for CHEERS on wall street, no inflitation comming up courtsey of your trusty federal govermnet, this ought to keep the pesky fed officals side linned.
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    The market is down so much in advance of the figure that a benign number could lead to a rally.
  4. Ready to blast off, look folks no inflation
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  6. Tomorrows CPI will come in tame as retail gas prices have been flat thru May. Big rally tomorrow for sure.
  7. guess so. just bought a loaf of bread for $4700.00
  8. blast off for sure
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    .....core wasnt so benign.....I guess if you keep saying blast off, eventually you will be right.....where was the first blast off from in the SP?

  10. :D :D :D
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