Ppi And Cpi Next Week

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  1. These number will be thru the roof, and will keep the fed funds marching higher.
  2. The number will be modestly higher, but not extreme.
  3. These numbers will be doctored, and will not reflect reality.
  4. Expectations:

    PPI: 0.7%
    Core: 0.2%

    CPI: 0.5%
    Core: 0.2%

    Seem about right. Other than energy, nothing seems to be moving when I go shopping.
  5. jerryz


    fed will not raise rates next meeting.

    reason: george bush told him not to. bush said: "i'll appoint you, but do we understand each other? are we on the same page? can i trust your loyalty? will you do for me as i will do for you?":D
  6. CPI is the one to watch, but im sure it will come in doctored up. And will show no inflation. Then the Fed can pause and try to help the Republicans. I think the Republicans are going to get thrown out on their ear, and the majority of Americans have seen enough regardless what happens with rates or the markets.
  7. Just look at the dollar falling off a cliff, Gold going thru the roof, this represents a lack of confidence in our congress and our federal reserve. Our federal reserve is just a bunch of doves.
  8. If it is a foregone conclusion that the dems will win, expect a nice little recession to even things out.. just like in '91. No point in keeping up the charade if it doesn't benefit you politically. Turn it over to the other guys in a mess and let them clean it up...

    .1 Core... wow, that is getting a bit hard to stomach, isn't it?
  9. jerryz


    then bush said:

    "do you have any kids? if there's anything i can do for them then i will be glad to help. do they have any interest in business and government? i think we can use a good ambassador in Paris. would they have an interest? would you and your family like to come to my texas ranch this thanksgiving. i am looking forward to continue building our friendship. my friend, do we understand each other?"

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