Powerscan for Amibroker

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by condorll, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Amibroker is highly rated charting and backtesting software, EOD or Real time, and reasonably priced, as a matter of fact a "best buy" in my books. (It can use free Yahoo eod data, or paid data from many sources)

    Recently a new software plugin tool was developed called "Powerscan" which enables the user to code buy or sell scans in basic English. Powerscan "translates" your trading ideas from English to Amibroker AFL language and runs the scan for you automatically. (No more jibbersih formula language)

    If any of you are "Programming challenged" I highly recommend you check this out.



    www.amitools.com (for Powerscan)

    (I am not related in any way to Amibroker or Powerscan, I just think it is the best charting and backtesting software on the market!)

    For your info
  2. I've committed myself too much to the AmiBroker language to require PowerScan, but I second your post. The program is sick and for the price, unbeatable.

  3. I am sure you meant slick not sick, and yes it is.

    The combo of Amibroker/Powerscan is an unbeatable value.
  4. A new beta of Powerscan and a new official version of Amibroker just released....just gets better and better.
    :D :D :D