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  1. Dare I ask this question? I did do a search by the way and I didnt come up with anything.

    I've always been curious if the powerratings on tradingmarkets.com actually works. Has anyone had any positive results with this or is it just bs?
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    I was a subscriber to their (Tradingsmarkets) neural net signals about 3 years ago. It was disappointing.

    I have now subscribed to their Power Ratings and wonder whether these ratings are based on the same neural nets. On their webpage I couldn't find a hint as to the signals sources and how they make them up. Does anyone know?

  3. Does the powerrating system actually work?

    I think it might work, but not because of their formula. I believe that there are many traders subscribed to this system and when it shows a "10" then they all swoon into it for a nice little effect.

    Powerrating people might even be manipulating the formula to swing traders into a certain stock.

  4. That is a good reason to have a personal system for stock analysis.
  5. I currently subscribe to TradingMarkets and have found it very useful. If you've ever taken any of their courses, you'll find that they don't screw around - it's serious stuff meant for serious traders.

    As for PowerRatings, they tell you straight out that you probably shouldn't be trading the PowerRatings straight up. I use their indicators, group them with my own strategies and then track them all statistically. When you combine the PowerRatings with other strategies, they do yield better results and are profitable. But I think it's important to do your own work and incorporate them into your own strategy. They do provide an edge but not one I would trade by themselves.

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    Would it be fair to say that applies across the board, for any trade and any resource?