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  1. Embedded File: Actually putting the MP3 into the presentation (so if i transfer just the powerpoint file to another computer, the MP3s still play)

    Linked File: MP3s are linked to the PowerPoint file (which means I must transfer the MP3s as well as the powerpoint file to another computer to get everything to play)
    I got the slides done and want to add songs to it now. However, the sounds I add are not embedded into the PowerPoint file. Instead, it is linked to the PowerPoint file. I went to the Options tab and changed the "Link sounds with file size greater than _____ Kb" to more than 4MBs. However, it still does not let me embed the file into the presentation. Can anyone help me with this?
  2. Mispe


    May be the name of the MP3 file is too long as it often happens and PPT can't take it !
    I had this problem.

    Anyway, using, in the File Menu, the specifc command Presentation to carry away (or something like that) and the coresponding Wizard, should help you.

    If it does'not work you will have all kind of help on the corresponding newsgroup


    Good luck