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    Does anyone use this technology? Seems pretty cool but I wonder if its reliable or if it works in every home
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    Not as good as direct connection, but works well.

  3. Can you recommend any specific hardware? I can't run Cat5 throughout the house and the wifi to a couple of the bedrooms is running at only 20Mbps.
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    are your walls made of cinder block or brick? do you have ceiling molding's on the walls? curious to know why you can run cable....
  6. The house is ~5k feet and essentially a ranch with a drop-off. The lower level is cut into the hill-side. My trading rig is on Cat5. I am talking about connecting the XBOX and PS3s for the kids.
  7. I use sling box power line setup..it works fantastic.. one plug in basement via router , the other plugged in spare room second floor..to sling box. You can plug in any network device , you will get high speed wired.
  8. I have a Linksys PLSK400 set. Throughput is 21Mbps, but mine are plugged into surge protectors and would probably get higher throughput if they were plugged directly into the wall outlets. (But if I did that, they might get destroyed during power spikes. I lose a power strip or two every year due to storms.) They do encryption, in case you have untrusted neighbors using the same electrical circuit.
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    I'm surprised it works that way.

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