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  1. Is this guru for real? Has anybody traded in his LIVE trading room?:confused:
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    Your best guru is the market itself.

    These people have a business for a reason.

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  3. This guy use to post free "education" on youtube for along time but consistently blew up.

    I guess he has decided to take it too another level.
  4. How do you know he blew up?
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  6. Is this guru for real?

    The best answer is, "what do YOU think?"
  7. It is a LIVE trading room. I don't see how he could be fake when he trades real-time. Unless the broker is in on it?
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    I'm afraid to say you are too naive.

    You see, they hide behind the latency of the computer screen to manipulate pretty much every aspect of the trading details. The trade story changes along the way. At first you think you are the culprit, by the time you realize it's not you, they already bagged a few months of membership.

    Trust me on this one, they are no good.

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  9. So I should distrust the guy who trades real money live, and trust you saying he's not trading live?? How can he trade live, then not trade live??
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    Shill ?
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