PowerBasic, ActiveX containers, and TWS API

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by maxpi, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. maxpi


    I'm contemplating getting PowerBasic and writiing an interface for EasyLanguage and the TWS API, my own [hopefully enhanced]Dynaorder if you will. I was looking at the PowerBasic site for info on compiling to ActiveX and came up with the following statement in the FAQ:

    The current version supports ActiveX access through the Dispatch/Automation interface only. Controls which require a container are not directly supported at this time. There is an open source tool (formerly sold by Jazz Age Software) which does add this funtionality to PowerBASIC.

    OK, I checked the link to the open source tool that provides the software for the container and it is not working so maybe that option is not really available at this time. Am I going to need the container capability for this project?

    Edit: I probably should get on the IB forum with this question but maybe somebody here has the experience and can share.