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  1. elcowen


    What do you look at to trade power? Natural gas market, weather, or what?

  2. natgas/coal prices, hydro/nuke capacity, iso/nodal loads, heating/cooling degree days, day ahead weather, spot weather, etc. etc. etc. etc. it's not basic.
  3. elcowen


    How do you get all that information? Do you need a bloomberg terminal? Would PJM website have capacity numbers? What are you looking at when you look at ISO loads and capacity numbers?

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    This is the deepest rabbit-hole in trading - much more so than interest rates IMO. Fuels, weather, transmission, generating unit availability, ISOs and the Incremental/Decremental Markets, bilateral OTC forwards and financially cleared forwards, ICAP Chapel Hill showing you one thing and Amerex Houston showing you something else entirely, arguing with ICE in Houston over settlement marks, etc. etc.

    Complex, multi-dimensional, not easily summarized. Resists modeling.

    Don't plan on buying a couple books and assuming you are 'informed'.
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    May I ask why you are asking?
  6. Just get long spot NYISO and pray for capacity outages. Worked the last few weeks.
  7. Hey bone, can tt trader store and graph historical bid asks for webICE data?

    It's annoying when I'm outside of trading hours on webICE and I want to see where there the bid ask spreads were during the day for a power swap, I can only graph trades...
  8. bone

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    The only platform that I know of that can do that is the Bloomberg Time & Sales functionality. Although I use X-Trader Pro, I have never tried to use the TT X-Study function personally - maybe we can get lucky and someone who has can opine.