Power Trading(electricity market)

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    Hi guys,

    I am trading power in Houston,TX. I am looking for people with similar experience. I trade NEPOOL market. If anyone has experience trading or analyzing transmissions in nepool, pjm, MISO, NYISO, ERCOT, ca-ISO,etc. , message or email me.

    I have partnered with an ex-hedge fund manager to form our own trading company. We are not trading with other peoples money yet. It is all our own. But for additional traders that come on, we will provide the trading capital and you will not be held financially liable for any losses.

    If after a month you can show profitability, my partner and I are offering competitive base salaries plus upto 40% of profits you generate.

    I don't know how many people on this board even know what electricity trading is, but I hope the response is good.
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    No one knows about power trading?
  3. I wouldn't give any ideas if you want to protect your edge.
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    Do not know but willing to learn
  5. I used to work for Enron. Does that count?
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    But do you know how trade power(financial, no physcial)?
  7. Of course. Most of the Enron traders were rock-stars.
  8. LOL, I wonder why that is.

    So which fun looping operation were you a part of?
  9. I created the idea to trade Intra-Planetary weather contracts. It allowed NASA, ESA, etc. to hedge changes in the solar-plexus between local planets that affected things like launches and various mating cycles.
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    Any body else know how to trade power?
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