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    Does anyone know how powerful my power supply would have to be to run ATI x1600 AGP, and 2 ATI X1300 PCI?

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    thanks, but I don't mean back up power supply, I mean internal power supply for the computer.
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    Here's a thread that has some
    numbers for the ATI cards:


    Looks like 41W are drawn at full load
    for the x1600, and 31W for each x1300.

    This is not quite as high as one sees
    reported elsewhere, and not as high
    as for some of the older cards, too.

    There's been some benefit by going
    to the 90 nm feature size.

    Add these numbers to everything else,
    of course.

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    thanks for your replies. My computer has 550w antec power supply. I have an Ati x1600 AGP card. Tried to install 2 additional ATI x 1300 PCI cards and the computer starts dumping memory, or not turning on any screens at all. I have a friend who is a computer "expert", tell me that I don't have enough power supply.

  7. 550W should be plenty. Did you go to site to calculate your total load? Might be something else besides "not enough juice".
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    yes, I did. It told me a minimum of 395 w
  9. Well then, 550w should be plenty. Maybe your 550 has a defect? Can you check the various voltages?
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