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  1. Shopping for anew power supply . I need one that will work on 130V. All the power supplies I have have a sticker stating 110-230 V input. They do not have a small red switch in the back to select the voltage. I thought I needed that .On Tom's hardware Guide I read there are PSU that switch automatically to the right voltage. How do I know a PSU without voltage switch will work on US power?


    "It is also important to consider whether the computer is to be sold internationally. Power supplies are available with both a fixed input voltage of 230 Volts and with a variable input voltage. It is advisable to choose a model with an automatic voltage selection facility. When installing a power supply that uses a switch to select the voltage, prior to switching it on for the first time, it is essential to check the fixed input setting for your country is selected. If you do not check this, the power supply will be instantly destroyed."
  2. Is a 300W PSU more than enough to run a P4 1.7gHz, 1HD, 1DVD and one CDRW drive, 1 ZIP drive (+ floppy), 1 AGP video card + one dual PCI video card+ usual PCI extensions (modem, NIC card )?

    That's what I have been using so far, and it works fine, just wondering if I should get a 350 W PSU since anyway I need to get a new one that works on 110 V .
  3. Your PSU should be fine for what you have.
    That being said, you need to look beyond the watts number.

    Power supplies have 3 rails, the +3.3, the +5, and the +12v rail. Each one of these rails powers a specific component of your computer. You list all of your drives, yet you fail to list how much memory you have. Did you know that you should allow roughly 8 watts per 128mb of RAM for your +3.3v rail, at peak?

    The +3.3v rail supports your AGP card and your RAM.
    Is your power supplies +3.3v rail big enough to provide juice to these two components? A "gaming" AGP card can command as much as 75 watts from a power supply at peak gaming. The 12v rail supports your drives and your processor.

  4. You know your stuff very nice to see. :)
  5. where in the world do you live that has AC voltage of 130V?

  6. your PS is fine. i have an AMD XP2000+, with a 400W PS. i know it never reach it. if you were to get a 3Gig P4, look into a 400-450 PS.

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    The PSU you have provides plenty of wattage for your setup. I have a very similar one but 3 HDDs morse running on a 300W PSU.

    Now to the Voltage I assume and I am 99% sure that if your PSU says 110 - 230V it is an auto switching PSU so I think there is no need for you to get a new one.
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    Question for you world travelers, am I ok plugging in my Notebook in Brasil which uses 110/Volts?

    I believe USA is 120Volts.

    I have the plug adapter for the outlet, but that does not change the voltage.
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    US is 110 volts, the 120 you see on devices etc is simply the range the item is designed to safely handle.
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    Most notebook power supplies work from 100 volts to 240 volts, 50 to 60 Hertz (cycles). Take a look at yours and see if there isn't a label with the specs on it.

    What you may need is an adapter to convert the US style plug (flat blades) to a european style plug (round prongs). Should be readily available but I don't know which style they use in Brazil.
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