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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mgookin, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. My power supply fan is talking to me from time to time in an old yet very nice Dimension.

    Has anyone ever heard of replacing the fan only in lieu of wasting a whole power supply? If yes, where can I buy the fan?
  2. All depends on where you live, google "muffin fans" on your local electronics dealers/computer parts dealer's site. Make sure that the connectors fit your machine as some have odd wiring for variable speed.

    Be sure to buy the right size, of course. They're usually measured in mm.
  3. bespoke


    I would buy a new PSU. They're really cheap these days and I'm sure you don't need much unless you're powering a watt intensive system. The problem with replacing the fan is that you could possibly shock yourself with uncharged capacitors and what not. That's what the guy at the computer store told me when I brought in a broken fan and I don't think he was trying to sell me a new PSU.

    When my fan failed, I could smell my PSU burning. Scary moment.
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    It happens in the Dem's. You can pick one up for 10 or 15 $'s.

    No biggy just do it. At worst 4 simple screws and a simple plug.

    Get it from Dell to save the trouble.
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    Sure replace the fan, no problem, done it many a time. I like the Panasonic Panaflo Silent fans. Find them on Ebay. Your existing fan may be hard wired onto the circuit board of the PS. If so, just cut the wires and splice the wires of the new fan to the old wires. A little electrical tape, and you are done. Or, as others have mentioned, just replace the entire PS. Your choice.
  6. I took the advice of seeing if Dell sells the fan; they do not and it only took them 2.5 hours for them to tell me that. They're getting better at failure.

    I'll pick up a fan and get it fixed. Thanks to everyone for the help. This forum is great.