Power Outages, what to do?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by liltrdr, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. liltrdr


    Is there any cheap method of getting a back up power supply for a PC? Anybody have experiences with this kind of stuff? I'm going to research the web but I just wanted to check on the forum to see if anybody has any recommendations. Thanks.
  2. Dustin


  3. I bought one for $200. It claims I get like 50 mins of juice. It's closer to 20-30, but I have the time to sell out opens I'm concerned with and I dont have to call cyber and just sell at market. I can usually save some slippage that way. Mine is a conext. No complaints.
  4. dozu888


    use a laptop.....

    no worries for power outage..
    MUCH less space occupied..
    LCD easier on the eyes...


    Mobility !@@!

    They are just as powerful as desktops.
  5. nitro


    A good one is about $800-$1000.

    Here is my favorite maker:


    Reasonable systems:

    Tripp Lite SmartPro 2200 NET UPS System about $750
    Tripp Lite SmartPro 3000 Net UPS System about $1050

    The smaller one is fine for one computer and a few monitors for a reasonable amount of time. The second will handle more than one computer [backup trading computer] and more than one monitor at a time.

  6. Rigel


    My plan is to call my broker and unload everything. Got to be able to get ahold of an account representative within a few minutes though, some brokers are really slow.