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  1. I am thinking of purchasing one of those power supplies that kick in and give you 5-10 min of electricity whenever you get a power failure. Any @ home traders has one of those?

    Cheers! :)
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    get one powerful enough to power your PC AND your screen (at least one screen).
    If you have flat panels it's no problem, they don't require too much power, but regular bulky tubes do pump a lot.
    the small AC supplies won't be able to handle this. get the biggest one you can get (so not really for the autonomy, but for the power). Nowadays they are smaller in size, so it's easy to add to your desk.
    everyone should have this, even in some offices not properly protected or offering permanent power.
  3. Also if you're on broadband don't forget your modem/router/hub and just hope your cable company's demarc box is still lit.

    A car or marine battery can power one of those APC units for quite a long time, by the way. Most of them run on 12V.
  4. Thanks! I almost forgot about the modem ! :(

    ... now next question : the surge protector would go before of afther (from wall to computer) those power protection? :confused:
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    the power supply usually is also a surge protector so it does not matter. well, I would not use an extra surge protector anyway.

    yes, don't forget the modem, but don't connect on it devices you won't need (printer, etc..).
    keep on it only devices you will need to exit current positions in an orderly manner.

    since we are talking safety...
    have TWO internet connections possible at all times. if possible from 2 providers :
    - one broadband (DSL, cable, lease)
    - another way (simple 56k modem)
    that way you use 2 totally different routing methods in case of emergency.
    this is why : your broadband might be knocked out if AC is out in your building. some of these devices do need available AC.
    phone lines use another route, unless if connected to an unprotected PBX (then you are screwed).


  6. dojibear,

    I have a Belkin 650VA and it works great. My power has been down as much as 20 minutes (it has 25 minutes of back-up time), and it kept everything running normal on battery until the power came back on.

    Hope this helps.
  7. looks like stockerup and i agree on this.
  8. even if your phone line works (to phone in to exit open positions), if you had one of those cordless phones, you're double/tripple screwed? :D

    Many thanks to all for the help! :)

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    I use laptops in my home office for trading rather than desktops. While it's a tad more expensive and you have less flexibility, the two times I had power failures I just cruised on batteries. I have a small APC UPS for each of my DSL modems.
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