Power Doesn't Corrupt

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  1. Humans are corrupt by nature, power enables them to practice some of their desires without fear of revenge or punishment.

    Why is it that we can kill some animals and consume their flesh? Because we know they can't do anything about it and that no one will punish us for it.

    Why is it that politicians can lie to you all they want (and screw your life in so many ways)? Because they know that you can't do anything about it and that no one will punish them for it.
  2. http://www.zerohedge.com/article/fr...hout-strong-laws-against-fraud#comment-575249

    "Pah. Free markets and the 'rule of law' and 'democracy'? PLEASE.

    Democracy is gang rape: those who do not wish to fund the pet projects of one or other arm of the political class, are forced to do so under pain of expropriation, incarceration and - in extremis - death. 50%+1 (of those who vote - not of the population) means that you get to ass-rape everybody. I never signed up for that (I don't vote - because gang rape is wrong and I would always prefer 'none of the above'. Every dollar taken from me is taken without my consent, and is thus a dollar stolen.)

    The 'rule of law' is the use of the State's armed goons and robed apparatchiks to enforce the current whim of the aforementioned political parasites: if they outlawed redheads tomorrow and told their droogs to shoot all redheads in the face, the droogs would be 'enforcing the rule of law'. They might decide later that they changed their minds (as they did with alcohol prohibition and countless other things). Don't pretend that it's anything other than a fiction.

  3. I don't know if this idea has been proposed before or not, but I have not seen it promoted

    a country managed based on a multi-legal system ... instead of by trying to apply a universal set of laws upon everyone in that country

    in its basic form, you can imagine a country that runs based on a multi-legal system as a country divided into various regions, from strongest socialist regions that collect high taxes and provide equal services (to everyone in that region), to very libertarian regions ... various regions based on political ideologies that have a decent number of supporters that wish to live and work in those regions, as an example, a region where true or almost true capitalism is practiced
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    What do you think we ate for the last 2-million years? Before agriculture? Unbelievable.

    You folks don't get to run anything for now on. Just turn in your car keys and pickup your fucktard badge asap.

    The liberal agenda is way way past annoying now.
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  6. @377OHMS

    funny, when did I say I was against meat eating?! I only brought that up as an example, to show how humans use other beings to fulfill their own desires when they find there's little or no consequence to it

    if we don't want politicians to lie to us, we have to punish them when they do, their lies go unpunished thus they never stop lying
  7. Not new insight.

    The victors write the history books. Always have, always will.
  8. actually new insight, for most people that is. Insight into the true nature of things allows you to access and manage them accordingly. Understanding that humans don't become corrupt, but are corrupt by nature can help humans deal with corruption properly.