Power Bidding Strategies

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    What are a few examples of bid strategies? Does anyone have experience with prop bid strategies?

  2. Free tip: Do not dec bid PEP Zone @ $350 when the mid-a is healthy.

    Free tip #2: Don't export from the pool on hot days unless you like fees.

    **Edit*** Also, don't forget to make sure you are on the right INC/DEC page in PJM eMKT.
  3. eMKT to submit bids? Are you using an abacus to calculate credit?
  4. I think the sarcasm may have flown over your head, sir. :)
  5. Ditto to you, sir.
  6. I'm not sure which was more funny to me however..... the reference to an abacus for calculations, or the fact that you need to calculate your credit for virtual bidding...

    On a serious note, I wonder how much money was lost today on virtual bids in PJM.
  7. Tasty operating reserves.
  8. Consider ERCOT this week? I think they had to turn off NASA yesterday.
  9. Anyone trade PJM West Hub here?
  10. Yes
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