Poverty and Violence in Brazil

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    Brazil is one of the countries with the most inequality in terms of the gap that exists between the very wealthy and the extremely destitute. A huge portion of the population lives in poverty. According to the World Bank, “one-fifth of Brazil’s 173 million people account for only a 2.2 percent share of the national income. Brazil is second only to South Africa in a world ranking of income inequality.”[4] This in effect leaves millions of Brazilians with little influence, recourse or hopes to deal with their dire situation in society. In big cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, a third of the population lives in the surrounding slums, and social conditions for the poor are terrible. In 2001, the country’s official unemployment figure was 6.4%, but, in the slums around the largest cities, employment is much worse and likely not fully recorded in government statistics.

    Perhaps what is most tragic about the violence and poverty in the slums of Brazil is the effect on the lives of children. It has been estimated that about 30 million children live in conditions that are subhuman and inadequate for their development.[11] They also experience violence at the hands of authorities, and there are countless human rights violations regarding street children by police officers and other adults. “Violence against and by street children is a part of the fabric of life in which these victims and perpetrators dangerously live… Violence is an aspect of identity as tragically indelible as the scars that crisscross their bodies.”[12]

  2. Brazil suffers from extreme poverty, violence, and extreme inequality?!?

    Say it isn't so! :eek:

    And here I thought, thanks to SA, Brazil was the epitome of what's great in this world and ready to lead the planet to a new wave of prosperity, equality, and brotherhood among all nations. :confused:
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    I guess I am not alone being fedup with SA's propagandistic garbage.

  4. I'm sick of him too.

    Here is another fact that SA ignores.

    1/3 of the population of Brazil is illiterate. Of the 2/3 that actually can't read another third won't read.

    Apparently Brazillians are so hopelessley addicted to soap operas they have actually started to have characters in the shows read while on TV in an attempt to get people interested.

    So the facts are the country is hopelessly corrupt, poor, uneducated and illiterate but SA believes Brazil is primed to assume Americas position in the world.

    Very sad.