Pounding the desk for Goog

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  1. > The fact that GOOG has to resort to pumpers here should speak volumes to investors.

    Frankly, I suspect that Google's largest owners could care less what investors think or what their share price is. They're like Woz -- rich enough that they'll never have to care about money again, so they can instead spend the rest of their lives doing cool things, like buying Honda Asimo robots, and programming them to fight like it's a big, expensive videogame ;-)
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  2. I dont doubt that GOOG is a good company. But that still doesnt answer the question of why in this environment it is a buy with a 16 P/E? 250, 300 as a price is a non factor as it relates to the rest of the stock world. If the worlds P/E's are bleeding, what is to stop GOOG from bleeding with it.
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  3. > If the worlds P/E's are bleeding, what is to stop GOOG from bleeding with it

    They did bleed... a few months ago, their P/E was ~36. A year ago, it was probably almost 100. ;-)

    Personally, I don't know whether it's worth ~$250 or not. My next share will be somewhere around $192 (maybe $202 or $212, if I'm burning to buy it and it looks like there's already blood flowing out the NYSE's front door). If it makes it down further, I'll probably buy 3 just to bring my total holdings up to 5.
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    Bad time to be an ad company. Google is not immune, they are in the market, not above it.
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  5. blah blah blah

    all this analysis is worthless

    when the market rebounds, so will google. Google can easily gain back 200 point in a few months. Youtube doesnt need to make money.
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  6. 5 shares you say.? That alone should lift Goog to 800. Watch it go to 200 in couple of months and then touching 150 by the summer. Goog is going the same way yahoo did before ..... down
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  7. I agree here. I'm buying too.


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  8. > That alone should lift Goog to 800

    Yawn. If it gets cheaper, I'll buy more. If it goes up, I won't be able to afford or justify it, and probably acknowledge its illiquidity by paying fifty bucks to get it printed on a certificate and hang it on the wall to show off ;-)
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    GOOG going down to around ipo price, meaning PAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2009 is my estimate.....
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  10. Nothing great. The phone's core software was written by the same guy who did the core software work for danger.com, the makers of the sidekick. It's the same old java environment and has some nice extensions.

    If Android survives, it's because the software base is open to the public completely. It'll be carried along like a Linux type of phone until it's ubiquitous.

    Personally, though, I don't think Google will ever out do Apple. IPhone is infinitely better than Android in terms of quality and functionality, I think.
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