Pounding the desk for Goog

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Come on ET experts? At 700 you were saying that GOOG was a terrific buy and joined by a happy chorus of analysts who insisted the same. Now its at 250 and the pounding of the desks have ceased.

    I dont think GOOG is a bad company, in fact, I use it all the time. Its a great company, but there has to be a certain point when it will be a buy again. There are no products out there that outdo google.

    What say you ET experts?
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    Ask Stock_Turd.

    He bought all the way down.
  3. GOOG is a glorified search engine. That is all.
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    I'm a huge buyer here because GOOG has absolutely bottomed at this point. I like it at $500, and I like it even more at $260.
  5. And you'll really, really, REALLY like it at $200! :p
  6. Actually, Google IS much, much more than a search engine (check out their experimental apps). If anything, they're the Bell Labs of the 21st Century, with no debt to speak of and boatloads of cash in the bank.

    I bought my first share for $256.16 (it's a programmer thing... most people wouldn't understand...). I'm buying two more when/if it hits ~$202... and have 3 more GTC limit orders at lower points in case Al Qaeda decides to blow something up and the market freaks out & crashes for 30 seconds before trading gets suspended...
  7. GOOG is all hype. The android platform has no chance against Iphone or blackberry, their apps won't supplant microsoft office in the enterprise. And if they will try to unseat Windows from operating systems they will fail too(Linux was supposed to do that on the end user market and did not make a dent. I am not talking about servers).

    They bought youtube and to the best of my knowledge it does not make them any money.

    GOOG is a good search algorithm that got its place in the sun courtesy of the moronic decision by yahoo to use it at one time.
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    can someone shed light on why android is the 2nc coming?

    what is so great about android
    why will it revolutionize phone software
  9. it should surge to 500 soon enough

    google can rally 100 points in a few days easily
  10. Yes, I agree. I bought some at $400, $270 and I will buy more and average down if necessary.

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