Pound rallies higher

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  1. British Pound ,one of the stongest currencies , has been rallying higher , this time the reason being the expectation that the inflation has gone over the estimated target of the Bank of England. It has been seen that the pound has had a 8.3% increase this year on the speculation that the Bank of England will increase interest rates , and finally last month it did a surprise increase.

    I have been following pound since a long time and would like to know about ways to trade in this currency , If anyone comes across a good link where I could try out some dummy trading before taking the plunge of trading with my own money , kindly let me know.... cheers

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    You could trade the GBP/USD on forex, it's pretty much perfectly positively correlated w/the GBP futures. (Or you could just trade the futures contract itself, of course.) Oanda has a free demo trading platform:


  3. Really it's painful when we loose our money without much knowledge about the markets. Earlier I was very eager to invest in currencies and commodities with my own assumptions. I lost my money as well as the interest to trade when my expectations were returned with empty hand.

    Recently, one of my friends sent me a link which involves trading with Play money and Real money. First we can start trading with play money without investing a single buck.

    Now i am a confident player, trading with real money after gaining play money game experience.

    This is the link <a href http://www.gnutrade.com/
  4. I followed Bapunagar's advice.


    It's really useful for the budding investors.
    The system is very user friendly.

    Features like free registration, trading games, forums and instructions to trading were impressive.

    Even hcour's suggested site is good.

    Thank you.

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    gnutrade is spamming here.
  6. Well seems like as expected Pound has been surging higher today , seems to be quite strong against the dollar........ me quite happy , had bought GBP in the morning and fetched me a profit of £50 ......... thanks to Bapunagar !!!!
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    I believe that you should start looking for places to short the Pound.
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    Even if KS96 thinks that site called gnutrade is spam :confused:, I think it is pretty cool. I got there yesterday and I´m trying to trade with the "play money" they give.

    Thanks to the person who post that link.

    Cheers to all of you!!

    PD: KS96 might be right, but it worth the look. :)