Potential spammers getting smarter

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by billp, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. billp


    Potential spammers are getting smarter. Right now I'm seeing the same information but with different titles in different forums. Not sure whether that person is a spammer though as did not read the whole thread.

    Reason I'm writing this is that this can be a tactic used by future spammer. Just some small feedback as I'm getting sick of this myself.
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Then just click on the complain button for the post(s) you're talking about so the mods can be alerted to it.
  3. Baron sir, whats so difficult about monitoring 1st-time posters a little? is it because you don't have mods for every timezone? i mean, bitstream & kiwi-trader are volunteering for non-US timeframes, seems like reasonabe anti-spam measure, no?
  4. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    First of all, we aren't talking about monitoring a few people. There are approximately 1,500 first time posters each month. So adding another mod or two is not going to put much of dent in that load. Second, we have to add the functionality of putting new member's posts into a separate area where they can be reviewed. It doesn't exist at the moment, so it will have to be built.
  5. Perhaps if there was a small barrier like that there would be less new users each month? (assuming some are joke posters or spammers).

    This very popular web site just did the same, it is near #1 in its class: http://www.pprune.org/forums/announcement.php?f=13

    "Probationary membership


    With immediate effect, all newly registered members will have some posting restriction as follows:..."

    They claim "110,000 registered members out of nearly 300,000 readers globally"
  6. how about simply expanding the functionality of the Complain button then, e.g., whenever a (qualified?) member specifies SPAM against a particular post, the incriminated poster sees his posting rights suspended, and he gets automatically placed on everybody's ignore list so that any other posts he's made prior to being suspended are no longer visible, until appropriate assessment / action taken by a mod?

    shld help reduce the load... no need to go thru the drudgery of monitoring the 1st few posts of 1,500 ppl / mth, out of which hopefully only a fraction are committed spammers...