Potential Asian Sell Off

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    I have a model that began flashing a major sell in the Hang Seng/Shanghai Composite late last week on Friday, if that is the case, we could be down hard tomorrow in Europe and US. Someting to watch as the Far East opens in a few hours.

  2. hope your falshing lights are right, I sold ES on friday close just for this potential.
  3. swilner


    it would be helpful to know what your indicator looks at. Has it given sell signals before with respect to Shanghai? Did it flash a sell signal in late February?
  4. rofl!!

    keep guessing :)
  5. your modelling skills blow ass
  6. Did we crash yet?
  7. hels02


    Uh... Asian markets are UP.

    However, I HOPE we get a sell-off tomorrow, I have too much cash:p.
  8. people might lighten up before us holiday weekend.