Potassium Iodine Pills

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  1. If our government believes in the slightest that terrorists have the capability of exploding a dirty bomb, then why aren't they making potassium iodine pills available to people who live in NYC / DC?

    At the very least, they should stockpile a few million pills just in case this does happen. Many european countries make them available to citizens who live near nuclear power plants.

    Wouldn't this make sense? I don't see how duct tape is going to seal out radiation.
  2. who has time to think about such trivia, in the midst of an operation to liberate oppressed peoples and move millions of personnel around the world to rework the global political structure? get your priorities straight - what are you, French?
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    I agree with you. Although I personally don't think anything of that sort will happen (I hope to God it won't!)

    The whole thing about duct tape has me confused. What the hell is that going to do? I mean no terrorist would go into suburbia and spread bio agents. The would go to a mall or other public and crowded place.

    So wrap your whole house in duct tape .... :confused:
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    I think it is so that the dust from nuclear fallout stays outside.
    It is just something to make us feel like we are actually doing something to help in a situation where really there is very little one can do to avoid being poisoned.
    You have to go outside eventually?
  5. Potassium Iodate can be found on ebay.

    Islamic nuclear terrorism <b> will occur </B> within our lifetimes.

    The human thyroid is extremely absorbant of radiation poisoning (radioactive iodine). Potassium iodate pills saturate the thyroid with harmless (non toxic) iodine, leaving no room for absorbtion of lethal radioactive iodine. The pills are $20 a bottle... small price to pay for insurance agaist radiation poisoning if you ask me.
  6. Important Note:

    KIO3 may be ineffective against some dirty bombs...based on a hypothetical that the radioactive device deployed within the bomb may yield little or no radioactive iodine.

    There is no pill that blocks all forms of radiation and radioactive isotopes from being absorbed by a human body.

    Just a few tidbits taken from this website: