Potash upgrades ...were they lies?

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  1. Or did they just not have a crystal ball. ( ...clears throat) All the major houses had the 3 major producers going thru the roof. Can they all be that out of touch save with each other maybe?

    And the SEC is going to ...VOTE on enforcing the naked shorting rule/law ...republicans!!!! Maybe there's the rub, its a rule not a law?
  2. This is just my personal opinion - Don't ever buy immediately on upgrades. Usually what they did is they bought the stock first, then announce the upgrade. Think about it - if they need to sell, there has to be a buyer. Ever check those "conviction buy/sell list" and what happens afterward? :)

    On the other hand, I've noticed the more "honest one" is Oppenheimer. They upgraded HOLX and VSE and it went up. VSE was upgraded when it was around $4, then it went up to $6. Then Lehman downgraded the stock. You just have to determine your exit point afterward :)
  3. By the way - charts don't (usually) lie, but people do. I've had my rather expensive lessons in the past.

    I'd take a look at the chart first.
  4. Upgrades/downgrades are a bunch of BS. Do your own research and don't listen to the casino dealers of wall street. Who's interest do you think they represent?

    These babies: POT, MON are getting ready to tank hard. Get your ass out of them or buy puts/short NOW!!!!
  5. What is your reasoning behind this? MON is hitting the MA 200 due to weak commodities in general. Unless oil tanks to $100 I do not see MON and POT taking larger hits.
  6. The overall market is turning from a baby bear, to a roaring grizzly. As a bear market evolves, even the high fliers get hit. We're seeing this rotation happening in the last week and a half. It has only begun, the true selling in the market leaders has not been seen yet. As these start to fall, the big traders will want to lock in profits, adding pressure as the vultures come on the short side.
  7. how long have you been trading? look at that chart. do you think maybe all the good news is priced in already?
  8. The level they've tanked to has made them value stocks relative to their earnings and the projected demand for the product. Who else is earning this kind of money and who else is "surprising" anybody to where the money should flow to them instead. What is sector rotation based on if not earnings. Is Apple coming out with a time machine that noone knows is coming out?
  9. pot is trading at 50 times current earnings on peak earnings and has doubled in a year. to call that a value stock is silly.
  10. PE -- 30.62, industry avg. 28.15, are you in anything with a lower PE? AND 300% growth ...its called merit.

    EBITA-1.7 Billion, the industry avg. is 604.5 million.

    Its had a run, but deserves to keep running if it weren't for shorting orgies.
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