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  1. Time to talk Potash folks. To start things off I'll list some stocks I've been watching/trading lately:

    (Related to or directly involved in Potash)



  2. I've had POT since split adjusted $3.50 since 1994.

    Jimmy Rogers knows knowing of course.

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  4. cgtrader....You must have just finished reading one of the business magazines, I forget which one (Business Week?) but they have POT listed in the top 10 stocks to own for 2008 and they ran a small story on potash from Saskatchewan, Canada.

    POT = Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Inc.
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    I have the same stocks on my list as well. The one that has me stumped is MAA on the TSX Venture Exchange. They're developing a potash mine in the DRC as well as having other business lines yet the stock doesn't move.

    Beyond the political risk, any idea why this thing is lagging?
  6. lol you want to buy potash stocks when there up 20 fold in 5 years? pot has near a 50 bil cap and trades at 52 p/e. a frinkin cylical stock trading at 52 times 5 years of booming earnings. i could understand 50times depressed earning but 50 times earnings that have boomed is just insane. yes i know pots earnings will double in 2008 but it means nothing as the market smells out a top in earnings
  7. YOU FORGOT TRA and TNH. its basically ag plays.
  8. On another note on Potash. I used to work in a repair shop for the CNR (Canadian National Railway) and I would work on those potash cars. The potash would penetrate the metal and the gases it gave off during cutting and welding was gross. I caught a few wiffs and it almost knocks you over.

    Canadian National Railway Company (CNI) might be a good stock to own. They move the potash from Saskatchewan and the just bought a railway in Northern Alberta to serve Fort McMurray and the Athabasca Oil Sands.
  9. If you were to read my post you would have seen that I said "talk about" not necessarily "Buy" Potash stocks.

    But don't kid yourself there is still a lot of money to be made in this area.

    And no I missed that Business magazine, please advise.

    The API IPO has been a great ride.
  10. FORTUNE Investors Guide 2008 P.87
    Business Week Dec 31, 2007 - Jan 7, 2008 issue.
    Both issues are current and on the newsstands.
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